Neil Gaiman’s fantasies : The New Yorker

An interesting interview and profile on the comic book writer-turned fiction/fantasy writer, Neil Gaiman.

The New Yorker piece doesn’t talk much about his Sandman series with DC in the 1990s, but the series did change a small segment of the comic book market, to one without super heroes and with more literary themes. Gaiman also had the clout with DC to kill his hero and end the series, even if there were some (unfortunate) spin-offs.

Gaiman confesses to be fond of esoterica, so I read with some interest that Gaiman traveled “to China, to research a nonfiction book about the seventh-century monk who went from China to India and brought back the foundational Buddhist texts.” If memory serves me right, aren’t the travels of this monk the basis for the “Monkey” novel?

By Paul Romaine

Paul Romaine is a grant writer and independent curator in New York City.

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