Content Farm Publishing of US Dissertations (Slate)

Slate has a disturbing article about content farm publishing of American student dissertations–one of the forms of title-bloat affecting Amazon and Bookfinder. Joseph Stromberg decided to make himself a guinea pig after being contacted by one such content farm publisher. He had just finished a BA with an undergraduate dissertation, Lands of the Lakota Policy… Continue reading Content Farm Publishing of US Dissertations (Slate)

Cha-cha-changes: Canada’s History

  The New York Times reports that the Hudson Bay Company’s historical publication has given itself a new name, Canada’s History, with the subtitle “Formerly The Beaver.” Name changes have traditionally been a problem for periodicals–both cataloging and shelving. But as in the case of Arcadia University (formerly Beaver College), this change could really help.… Continue reading Cha-cha-changes: Canada’s History