Printers’ Playground

A playground in the Bronx, near the site of the original Robert Hoe factory (when it moved to the Bronx from its original location in lower Manhattan) will get a playground with jungle gym reminiscent of the old Hoe rotary presses (example shown at right). For bibliophiles, Robert Hoe built an extraordinary library in late… Continue reading Printers’ Playground

Art conservation, publicity and the Met: Revisited

The Picasso painting, “The Actor,” damaged by an anonymous woman who fell into it, was returned to the public galleries by the Met’s Conservation Department. The Times has an short article, with these nice details: The conservators had to act quickly because canvases, like people, “have a memory,” she explained. That is, the torn portion… Continue reading Art conservation, publicity and the Met: Revisited

E-Book Dodge (Randy Cohen on eBooks)

Randy Cohen’s Ethicist in the NY Times Magazine responds to a reader who asks about buying a hardcover when he really wanted an eBook edition, and then downloading a pirated eBook copy. Update: 4/9/10: The Bookfinder blog adds more to the discussion, quoting from author John Scalzi’s blog.

Nicholas Carr on the iPad reader and eBook reader

Nicholas Carr argues: the model of book reading (and hence book writing) the iPad promotes seems fated, in time, to become the dominant one. The book itself, in this model, becomes an app, a multihypermediated experience to click through rather than a simple sequence of pages to read through. And he cites John Makinson of… Continue reading Nicholas Carr on the iPad reader and eBook reader