Modern techniques for detecting photographic fakes and reprints (Artsy)

There are some interesting buried comments in a Mar 22, 2019 Artsy article by Karen Chernick on the collection of Michael Mattis and Judy Hochberg (now on display at the Barnes Foundation), which briefly describing a few modern methods of detecting 19th and early 20th C photographic fakes and reprints. The two collectors developed the [...]

Contemporary fakes and native American artists (hyperallergic)

In the cultural world we don't always consider the living artisans and artists whose livelihood is undermined by fakes. US government attorney supports 18-month sentences and fines for the accused, but in many ways the damage is done, casting both real and fake Native American artworks into doubt. Apparently enforcement against fakes, mostly from [...]

A Revolutionary Discovery in China (NYRB)

This article on the NYRB website by Ian Johnson, one of the first I've seen, describes the rescue and piecing together of these ancient bamboo manuscripts (like the Vindalia bark manuscripts from the UK), called the Tsinghua slips, the understanding Chinese culture as well as early literacy and recording of texts in ancient China. If [...]

NYPL’s Photographers’ Biography Database

The New York Public Library has released an online biographical resources for photographers. Way to go! Here's NYPL's announcement: Photographers’ Identities Catalog (PIC), a collection of biographical data for over 115,000 photographers, studios, manufacturers, dealers, and others involved in the production of photographs. PIC is world-wide in scope and spans the entire history of photography. [...]

Early Reading Database announced at Johns Hopkins

Exciting news from Johns Hopkins's Sheridan Library in cooperation with Princeton University Library and University College London’s Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL)  in this press release about a database of early reading, to be called "Exploring the Archeology of Reading." This project is potentially big: By treating marginal annotations as large sets of [...]

Reading eBooks and Paper (Julian Baggini in FT)

There's a thoughtful essay by Julian Baggini in the June 20, 2014 Financial Times on current research comparing reading and comprehension using eBooks vs. paper. Baggini cites a lot of different research on reading speed, comprehension, learning and other issues relating to how we process information which we read. The essay summarizes a very wide-range [...]

Updates on the NYPL Renovation Plan (updated)

The New York Public Library renovation plan has generated a number of articles in the media and online. The plan, which was subsequently modified and partly withdrawn by the Library's board, involved selling the Mid Manhattan and SIBL branches and using the sale proceeds to renovate the Schwarzman building at 42nd Street. The renovation for [...]