The iPad and Publishers (New Yorker)

[I had meant to post this link when this article appeared in April….  PWR] The New Yorker on the iPad and books: The industry’s great hope was that the iPad would bring electronic books to the masses—and help make them profitable. E-books are booming. Although they account for only an estimated three to five per… Continue reading The iPad and Publishers (New Yorker)

Penguin’s The Future of Publishing

The Future of Publishing | Penguin Blog (USA) – Penguin Group (USA) Penguin Group’s blog featured a video (originally used in a meeting) which has gone viral on YouTube, “The End of Publishing.” It’s clever and the blog post at Penguin gives the source(s). (Essentially it’s a video script palindrome.) (h/t Andrew Sullivan)

Amazon and trade book pricing

It looks like Macmillan and Amazon have finally agreed to publisher pricing. Links from a Library Journal article to blog notices about the agreement. “No more “windowing” of bestsellers; $9.99 prices, but not for bestsellers.” Macmillan CEO Explains “Agency Model” for Selling Ebooks – 3/3/2010 – Library Journal Related articles by Zemanta How Much Would… Continue reading Amazon and trade book pricing

Laura Miller on Kindle vs eBook

Laura Miller at Salon has a good backstory on Amazon’s Kindle and the Apple iPad eBook reader. Laura Miller – “This dust-up is the culmination of a long-standing feud between Amazon and book publishers. What triggered it, however, is something new: the introduction of Apple’s iPad.” Note Miller comments about publishers’ fear of Amazon’s attempt… Continue reading Laura Miller on Kindle vs eBook