NYPL’s Photographers’ Biography Database

The New York Public Library has released an online biographical resources for photographers. Way to go! Here’s NYPL’s announcement: Photographers’ Identities Catalog (PIC), a collection of biographical data for over 115,000 photographers, studios, manufacturers, dealers, and others involved in the production of photographs. PIC is world-wide in scope and spans the entire history of photography. […]

Updates on the NYPL Renovation Plan (updated)

The New York Public Library renovation plan has generated a number of articles in the media and online. The plan, which was subsequently modified and partly withdrawn by the Library’s board, involved selling the Mid Manhattan and SIBL branches and using the sale proceeds to renovate the Schwarzman building at 42nd Street. The renovation for […]

NYPL to offer MOOC courses via Coursera

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the New York Public Library is to team up with Coursera: “The partnership is part the MOOC company’s effort to build an infrastructure for in-person learning around its free online courses. Research has suggested that MOOC students who receive offline help earn higher scores on their assessments. Coursera […]

Manuscript sharing: NYPL and Pennsylvania to share a Bill of Rights

The Wall Street Journal reports on an interesting 100-year sharing agreement between the New York Public Library and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a manuscript Bill of Rights.The NYPL received the manuscript on donation in 1896 and its provenance before then appears to be uncertain. The WSJ article notes that only fourteen copies of the […]

YouTube – Swearing-In of David S. Ferriero as Tenth Archivist of the United States

YouTube- Swearing-In of David S. Ferriero as Tenth Archivist of the United StatesOnce you get past the 30 seconds of (very slow playing credits), U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer (who administered the oath) had some nice things to say about documents. (Ferriero moved to NARA from the New York Public Library.)