Enhanced eBooks and One Art Historian (Chronicle of Higher Education)

In the Chronicle of Higher Education’s opinion section, art historian Jacob L. Wright advocates for print and enhanced ebook publication. Fascinating perspective, although I dread the consistency issues–not to mention the fairly serious issues around a self-designed book being published on a proprietary platform without consulting preservation experts: My book was produced in two forms. […]

Content Farm Publishing of US Dissertations (Slate)

Slate has a disturbing article about content farm publishing of American student dissertations–one of the forms of title-bloat affecting Amazon and Bookfinder. Joseph Stromberg decided to make himself a guinea pig after being contacted by one such content farm publisher. He had just finished a BA with an undergraduate dissertation, Lands of the Lakota Policy […]

Google Editions and Open Source

From GigaOM at Salon (and a bit dated), but this article by Matthew Ingram has some more reporting than the WSJ article.Open vs. Closed: Google Takes on Amazon and Apple in e-Books – Technology News | GigaOM Network – Salon.comWhatever pricing scheme it chooses, it seems clear that Google wants to come down on the […]