Reading eBooks and Paper (Julian Baggini in FT)

There’s a thoughtful essay by Julian Baggini in the June 20, 2014 Financial Times on current research comparing reading and comprehension using eBooks vs. paper. Baggini cites a lot of different research on reading speed, comprehension, learning and other issues relating to how we process information which we read. The essay summarizes a very wide-range […]

eBooks and doing the reading for students

PROmedia eBook Reader (Photo credit: PiAir (Old Skool))Pierre Tristam at FlaglerLive (Flagler County, FL) writes about new EdTech software from CourseSmart that allows teachers to see how much of the reading a student has done. Setting aside pedagogy and the old tradition of fooling the prof, Tristam argues about the nature of reading:Reading is one […]

Do School Libraries Need Books? (NYT)

Image by promaine via FlickrA not terribly interesting debate at the Times’s RoomForDebate blog on school libraries and whether they should have books. The discussion (not the right word for a handful of interested parties talking/emailing to a reporter) shaded into future of the book, and “they should both exist!”(And why the illustration: it’s a […]

Current Crop of E-Readers Compared: iPad vs. the Rest – e-Readers – Lifehacker

Lifehacker review of the iPad and Kindle, bit primarily from a techie’s perspective. (I find these reviews and reviewers always problematic because they’re bleeding edge adopters who in turn adopt this faux-reasonable tone, as if anyone should agree that their marginal, non-mainstream interests are somehow…normal!)

Laura Miller on Kindle vs eBook

Laura Miller at Salon has a good backstory on Amazon’s Kindle and the Apple iPad eBook reader.Laura Miller – “This dust-up is the culmination of a long-standing feud between Amazon and book publishers. What triggered it, however, is something new: the introduction of Apple’s iPad.”Note Miller┬ácomments about publishers’ fear of Amazon’s attempt to control […]

Apple’s iBook on the iPad

Today’s Apple announcement (liveblogged at the NY Times) had Steve Jobs diplomatically say of Amazon’s Kindle, that Apple “we are going to stand on their shoulders and go a bit farther.” The iBook app allow eBook viewing and purchasing within the application (like iTunes), so it’s not necessarily tied to a particular hardware. The Times […]