Google Books scanning problems

On Exlibris Eric White at the Bridwell Library shared a link to a funky, nearly artistic scanning problem with a Latin Acta et decreta Synodi dioecesanae Strigoniensis, celebratae Tyrnaviae (1629) –all versos appear colored in a beautiful range of blues and yellows. His message: We were talking a while back about things that go wrong […]

Blouin on Google book scanning

F.X. Blouin in the current issue of RBM writes about the Google Book scanningThoughts on Special Collections and Our Research Communities: (in RBM)Toward the end of August in 2009, a van pulled up to the loading dock of the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan. Book trucks were unloaded and moved into the […]

Italy and Google to digitize pre-1868 books

The AP reports that Italy and Google have agreed to digitize pre-1868 books:Google will cover the costs of the scanning of the books, all of them out-of-copyright Italian works, including 19th-century literature and 18th-century scientific volumes.The Italian libraries already had embarked on their own project to put their collections online, and so far digital catalogues […]