Re-reviewing the re-design of the NY Times Magazine

SPD has a review of the re-design of the Times’ Magazine. Of particular interest is the discussion of the new faces chosen. I have to agree with some of the more recent commentators–I’m not too thrilled with all parts of the design: it’s kind of design-y for my taste. (h/t Andy Whitehead)

Current Challenges to Fine Printing and Book Design (Grolier Club panel)

This is a draft of an article I’m preparing.  I believe Godine had prepared remarks which the Grolier Club may print in its Gazette. -pwr Current Challenges to Fine Printing and Book DesignThe Grolier Club, 47 East 6t0th Street, New York Wednesday January 13, 2010 The Grolier Club sponsored a thought-provoking panel discussion on challenges …