Digital Public Library of America: Some announcements and reviews (updated)

Probably the best third-party article on the Digital Public Library of America appeared in Arts Technica, with the not-so-good title of “The Digital Public Library of America: adding Gravitas to your Internet Search.”In the coming years, the DPLA has a few evident goals: getting contemporary works into the database, working with state and regional libraries […]

DPLA Launch event canceled but DPLA to go live on Thursday April 18

The Digital Public Library of America’s launch event, to have taken place at the Boston Public Library where a bomb exploded on Monday during the Boston Marathon, has been canceled. The DPLA will still go live on Thursday April 18. Article here. The DPLA will have a larger event in the fall which will evolve […]

Dan Cohen on open source scholarship

Dan Cohen tries to make the case for “open source” academic publishing on his blog. In part:The dirty little secret about open access publishing is that despite the fact that although you may give up a line in your CV (although not necessarily), your work can be discovered much more easily by other scholars (and […]