Do School Libraries Need Books? (NYT)

Image by promaine via FlickrA not terribly interesting debate at the Times’s RoomForDebate blog on school libraries and whether they should have books. The discussion (not the right word for a handful of interested parties talking/emailing to a reporter) shaded into future of the book, and “they should both exist!”(And why the illustration: it’s a […]

Books and Twitter: Neither Luddite nor Biltonite (George Packer in the New Yorker)

Neither Luddite nor Biltonite: Interesting Times : The New YorkerImage via WikipediaGeorge Packer at the New Yorker writes:Just about everyone I know complains about the same thing when they’re being honest—including, maybe especially,, people whose business is reading and writing. They mourn the loss of books and the loss of time for books. It’s no […]